There are a multitude of cruises available that cover the Eastern, Western and Southern islands inch by inch. The various liners offer everything in comfort and luxury. They provide for every mood and every desire that one may wish for on board and at the various ports of call, ensure that the visitors get to cover every aspect in great detail. The administration leaves nothing to chance and the traveler gets full value for the money spent.

While working out details for a vacation, most people take into consideration a few key points such as “when”  “where”  “how”  “for how long” and most importantly, the finances involved. December to April is considered peak tourist season for the Caribbean. It plunges to an all time low around fall and spring. September and October come under hurricane season and you do not want to be caught in one! So, early November and early December are most likely the cheapest for tourists with budget constraints.

The “where” aspect of your holiday depends on what you would like to see… be it historical sites or water sports.

The “how” aspect would most likely be decided by your budget and the type of liner you would prefer. First time sailors might enjoy shorter cruises and they might be able to squeeze in more places in the same amount of time. Find out details about life on board like meal times and whether you have the freedom to adjust your schedules. Some liners have set patterns. Find out the ship’s sailing program if site seeing is your main agenda. Some offer so much on board it takes on a life of its own. Read your guide carefully and book your trips so you do not lose out on what really interests you. Most trips are conducted by local agencies so advance booking might be a good idea.

Your budget must cater to tipping, mini site seeing tours conducted by local agencies, overheads, extra fees if you have children, and a small budget for emergencies.  Fares can swing from $150 to upward of $1000 depending on what type of accommodation you are looking for.

So go ahead enjoy all that nature has to offer in the shape of the Caribbean and come away with an experience never to be forgotten.